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It was developed in the late 1980s by tsniitochmash and manufactured by the tula arsenal. It was designed at the same time as the as val assault rifle for similar purposes and with similar construction.

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Special sniper rifle grau index 6p29 is a soviet suppressed sniper rifle firing the subsonic 9 39mm cartridge.

Vss gun full form. The vss vintorez vintovka snayperskaya spetsialnaya is a special sniper dmr type suppressed weapon in battlegrounds. Vintovka snaiperskaja specialnaya lit. Alerts admission notices results exams.

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It is one of the best place for finding expanded names. It is issued primarily to spetsnaz units for undercover or clandestine operations a role made evident by its ability to be stripped down for transport in a specially fitted briefcase. The most basic form of sniper rifle found in the game is vss and it is an underrated gun because hardly anyone uses it.

The vss vintorez винтовка снайперская специальная. The vss also called the vintorez is a suppressed designated marksman rifle that uses a heavy subsonic 9 39mm sp5 cartridge and armor piercing sp6 cartridge. Looking for the definition of vss.

Chambered for a proprietary 9x39mm subsonic cartridge the in game version using common 9mm ammo and used primarily by spetsnaz forces for clandestine operations in battlegrounds it proves to be a stealthy killer against targets of opportunity. Get gun full form and full name in details. It has potential because it can be equipped with a cheek pad and an extended.

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